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The new update of Layout Hub is finally here, and it brings a whole new way to build sites. Get ready for a special 3-in-1 release called Live View Editor, Mini Apps, and A/B Testing. 

Underwent many versions, Layout hub is always known for an innovative page builder platform on Shopify.

Now, to make your experience with Layout Hub even better. I’m ecstatic to unveil the Layout Hub 2020, which comes with not one, but 3 different groundbreaking features: Live View Editor, Mini Apps, and A/B Testing. Additionally, this update also improves your page performance and add more awesome themes.

It took months of work and a complete rebuild of our infrastructure, but the hard work paid off. The new version of Layout Hub includes both core and Pro improvements and a whole new way to build websites. Read on to discover how this version will revolutionize your workflow, and allow you to create faster, more consistent websites than ever before.



A full-screen for you to edit

Do you know the majority of writers prefer this method of writing? As it keeps their minds focused on the content. It’s easy for wandering eyes to catch a glimpse of a tool or function, which is often a distraction for some.

Distraction-Free Writing in Layout Hub is entirely optional. However, it does have merit for those who need additional focus when writing content. video to gif

Start by hitting an arrow on the left-hand side of the editor screen. Layout Hub will hide any elements that do not relate to creating content. You can change text or add new text effects with a simple click of the mouse. From now on, you’re turning your web-browser into an easy-to-use word processor.



Boost Your Profit to The Next Level

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you have an all-in-one solution for your website? Introducing Sale Tools, a build-in app contains all essential tools that help you increase your profit to the next level.

Have you ever felt annoyed when installing the new app on Shopify? It also causes conflict between apps sometimes. We helped over 10,000 merchants worldwide in the past five years and understood it as a common issue. video to gif 1


The Sale Tools is a great build-in application, including:

  • Shipping bar (Free shipping bar with updated cart goal to boost order value)
  • Sale notification (Boost Sales with Sales Notification, Cart Notification & more)
  • Promotion banner (Exit Pop-Ups, offering discounts and for promoting new products or services)
  • Cookie bar (EU GDPR compliant cookie bar for European website visitors)
  • Cart Related (Show the products related with the product added to cart)
  • Anti Copy, Protect your site (Block plagiarism, debug your site, Keep your site safe)

 Do you know you can request our team to build new features by click on Request Features in the App?

We are working very hard daily to ensure every website that builds on Layout Hub comes out with its best form.

How it works

This comprehensive video tutorial will show you how you can start setting up these tools for your convenience.

3. A/B Testing

Focus on Your Customer Preference

 Have you ever wondered why you have a much-abandoned cart in your store?

That’s because you do not thoroughly know your customer preferences. Amazingly, there is a feature in Layout Hub that will help you solve your difficulty.

What is A/B Testing?

For those unfamiliar with the term, A/B Testing, also known as a split test or bucket test, compares two versions of a website or an application. Two or more variation pages shown to the user at a random time. video to gif 2

And from there, The A/B testing tool gather analytical statistics to determine which variation performs better for specific goal conversions.

Testing will take the guesswork out of website optimization and allow decisions about informational data that will turn business conversations from “we think” to “we know”. By measuring the variability in your metric, you can ensure that every change has positive results. 

Time to Take Layout Hub for A Spin!

As we mentioned, this version is packed full of goodies, and we believe it will truly impact your day-to-day work. Let’s summarize:

  • The Live View Editor gives you a complete view focused on the content
  • The Mini Apps is a complete solution that helps you work more consistently and efficiently.
  • The A/B Testing will help you find out your customer preference. Improve your website performance.

These features are fantastic and exclusively in Layout Hub. Why don’t you give it a try?

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More than 8,000 customers trust LayoutHub!

After a year of release, LayoutHub has more than 8000 regular users and is the 2nd page builder app on Shopify App. Our mission is to help all our clients succeed, which is our drive to make LayoutHub better every day.