Refund Policy content

Hi, we're LayoutHub and welcome to the LayoutHub Refund Rules. 

We are selling a digital goods and cannot be "returned", so your entitlement to a refund is designed with this in mind. Of course, in addition to these rules, each country has its own laws surrounding refunds, and these local laws are not excluded if they apply to you. 

Before you ask for a refund

If you are experiencing a technical issue with the item we recommend that you contact the support of LayoutHub and seek assistance. Often they’ll be able to help to troubleshoot your problem.


Asking for refunds from LayoutHub team

We understand, however, that sometimes the we may not be able to solve your issue or there may be circumstances in which a refund is warranted. In this case, here are the circumstances in which we would expect an author to provide you with a refund:


Item is "not as described" or the item doesn’t work the way it should.

If an item doesn’t work the way it should then a LayoutHub team is required to promptly fix the issue by updating the item. An item is "not as described" if it is materially different from the item description or preview. If the issue can’t be fixed or it turns out that the item is “not as described” then you would be entitled to a refund from the us.


Item has a security vulnerability

If an item contains a security vulnerability and can't easily be fixed you would be entitled to a refund from us. If the item can be fixed, then we should do so promptly by updating the item. If the item contains a security vulnerability that is not patched in an appropriate timeframe then we would expect to provide a refund for the item.


Item support is promised but not provided

If an we advertises their item as including item support, you have a current support entitlement, and you are not provided that support in accordance with the item support policy we will provide you with a refund.