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If you are looking for an appropriate app with your one product business, please check out these Shopify apps that are listed here. They are all top apps used most popular by customers all over the world in order to make your online store business grow potentially even if you have a single product to sell. Choosing the right template is important as it is the first impression when it comes to buyers. This article will show up function and compare the price so customers can make precise decisions in choosing their favourite app fit with business.

1. Debut


Debut is a free theme made by Shopify.

This theme is designed to beautifully showcase your brand and products. It has proper categorization in section divide and product management. With basic but modern layout, Debut can attract visitors at the first sight easily as it has a pickup feature to showcase local shoppers which item is available for pickup. Besides, Debut provides a comment section for customers in order to improve shop’s owner product quality, support with quick search and product filtering. 

Rating: Debut is a basic theme, easy to work and responsive. However, due to its basic design, Debut has limitations in customizing theme details. 

App is rated 4.00/5 stars with 88 reviews recently.

2. Narrative


Narrative has clarified its function as the theme name. With Narrative, you can create a beautiful story. Whenever you want to tell a story about your brand or products, using this theme will provide an appropriate text box for each product. Additionally, you can choose different styles such as: earthy, warm, cold, light). You can add images and videos to showcase all the best of your product, which is the best way to make a first impression to customers when they visit your site.

Rating: Narrative is a free theme so it will offer both positive and negative features. Free themes can help you reduce cost in design, but only useful if you want to use a simple layout. In case your business wants to use a professional design layout, you will have to buy another theme. Moreover, you can only use the custom section on the homepage without adding the custom section to the About or Contact Pages or any other custom pages. 

App is rated 4.00/5 stars with positive reviews.

3. Launch


Launch is a premium Shopify theme which costs $180 which is designed to scale startups into successful online stores. This theme offers a full function for customized a professional website with 3 styles: cool, fresh and bold. You can change it with your creative touch to fit your business better. Plus, it has a goal - tracking tool to track and display the progress of your campaign. As a result, this is an ideal theme for marketing only one product. You can use a free trial without limited time and only pay when you want to publish your website. 

Price: $180

Rating: Launch is easy to use and has great support. This theme is appropriate with both beginner and professional website builders. 

App is rated 5.00/5 stars with 85% positive reviews.

 4. Wokiee


Wokiee is a Multipurpose Shopify theme which provides various Prebuilts Layouts. This theme have some key features:

  •  Automatic image resize: adjust all images of your webstore to the same size automatically
  • Color Schemes: change scheme color by the way you want
  • Slider revolution: create different side immediately with a lot of effects

Price: $89

Rating: This app currently rated 5/5 stars on website for template variation and excellent customer service

App rated is 5.00/5 stars with almost 400 good reviews about Service and Design.

5. Boom


Boom is a one product Multipurpose theme provide one product landing page template single product shop, single product review to showcase one product store, single store, single marketing page to sell single electronic product, device, single app, single book, single course, single music, single magazine, single sports, accessory & multipurpose store,... This theme concentrates on a clear and modern design that can be suitable with all kinds of products.

Price: $48

Rating: Boom provides a simple template for customers prefer simple style without adding details or too much color.

App rated is 5.00/5 stars for Customer Service and Documentation Quality.

6. Yanka


Yanka is a Fashion Multipurpose Theme that supply different custom pages with more than 18 pages layout, 9 product pages variant, footer combination, custom product tabs, dynamic check out button, catalog mode,...and so on to try out. Especially, customers don’t need to buy additional apps such as: Megamenu, Wishlist, Compare, Quickview, Filters, Yanka has included all those apps along with various templates in fashion.

Price: $48

Rating: This app is suitable for fashion business as it provides full function and great support that adapted customers require. 

App rated is 4.81/5 stars for Design Quality and Customer Support.

7. Ella


Ella is a Shopify Template with various layouts and styles allows customers to create different pages and satisfies any specific requirements as well as provide a lot of themes for different kinds of business. This theme put products in the spotlight and increased sales profit thanks to phenomenal banners and product blocks, layouts, Multiple Headers and Footers,...

Price: $89

Rating: With Optimize Layout, customers can enjoy a smooth experience and discover a lot of professional and creative design options.

App rated is 4.82/ 5 stars for Feature Availability and Design Quality.

8. Molla


Molla comes with pre-build demos available with multi style that is better for customers choice. This theme provide features like: 

  • Full Responsive Design Layouts
  • Clean and Professional Codes
  • Gorgeous Layouts
  • Top level support 
  • Easily customizable,...

Price: $59

Rating: Molla is simply a good option with a complete suite of tools designed to make life easier for beginner and advanced developers.

App rated is 4.90/5 stars for Customizability and Service Support.

9. Kalles


Kalles help customers create a powerful online store with fluent experience, provide more than 45 homepage layouts, much more layout with carefully detailed configed, and have no worries with loads of bugs. That’s the reason why Kalles’s price seems to be higher compare to some other item, but it’s worth customer’s payment as business invest is completely reasonable.

Price: $89

Rating: In order to have a quality website, customers can choose this app for quick access speed and well optimization web page.

App rated is 5.00/5 stars for Gorgeous Theme and Service Support.

10. Shella


Shella is a famous theme that loads fast, bringing your customer a greater experience. This theme has additional theme features like: Product Swatches, Price Countdown, Quick View, Lookbook, Sale Notification Popup, Visitors Count, customers can save hundreds of dollars each month with Shella as they don’t have to buy another app. Shella also provides over 99 premade pages to choose from and it is easy to customize, support 3D images, video product reviews,...

Price: $79

Rating: Shella can help your business grow potentially and customize pages properly

App rated is 4.97/5 stars for Flexibility and Design Quality.

Among these apps, users are limited by using Shopify themes as theme sections are limited. Customers can only use a demo version developed by theme author or mix section to create the layout that they want. There are some few things you can customize on your store, and it depends on the template you are using. So the theme will be suitable for customers who do not want to change template design and follow what the author provides. In contrast, by drop and drag actions, customers can customize their store layout easily and change into another layout whenever they want. This will not affect the default layout that they have set up. One of the famous layouts everyone should try for their online store is LayoutHub. This app can replace themes in Shopify for some reason.


LayoutHub provides different kinds of layout and sections for customers to choose so they will be able to try all kinds of interesting designs during building their website. Instead of buying themes without config layout, customers can choose LayoutHub that focus and customize on specific pages quite easily with plenty of options and even collection or event template due to specific campaigns.

App rated is 4.9/5 stars with almost 2000 reviews for amazing Customer Support and Design Quality.

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