What is Google Lighthouse and How does it affect your store?

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Imagine you are a customer for the first time visiting a website, what makes you stay and continue watching that web page information? Some people may claim that website page reputation is building fronted would help more customers want to visit their website, others said that create gorgeous template will attract customers attention or just simply that website have products due to customers require,...All of those opinion mentioned above is correct because every business want to bring the most phenomenal experience to their customers. Normally, people tend to think of configuration or marketing strategy, product display would play the main role on the customer's first approach. However, there are still a few more elements that make customers want to stay. In fact, bringing a satisfied feeling to customers is far more important. Owning a beautiful theme or popular product cannot hold back customers without page loading speed. In reality, if customers access a website and it takes too much time to load a page, or slow product searching,...they will be annoyed and leave. Quick access and fast product image display is not supposed to be the top priority while building a website, yet it can judge if a website is fully optimized or not.

As a result, we can use Google Lighthouse - a popular tool that supports front end or client side performance testing. 

Lighthouse audits the performance of your website by collecting a page that you provide and running the audits against key performance metrics. Meanwhile, it also lets you audit other areas such as accessibility, best practices and search engine optimization.

1. Definition of Google Speed Lighthouse:

  • Automated open source tool used to measure website page speed of computers and mobile phone supply by Google and recommend solutions in order to increase page speed quality working more effectively.
  • Install Lighthouse for Chrome Extensions:
  • Step 2: After finishing installing, you will see the Lighthouse icon in the right corner of your browser. Just choose a website you want to analyse and click into Lighthouse icon - Generate reportGenerate Report
  • Google Lighthouse report can help you analyze statistical scores and offer solutions to optimize your business. There are 5 main section that will display to help you check website optimization properly: 
  • Performance: Concentrate on the two main points that are Page Loading and Users Friendly and has a role as a detailed report about website performances. When we access any website, we always want it to load as fast as possible, so the speed page will create an initial impression on the customer's experience and their approval. For this kind of performance, website performance scores will be rated from 0-100 and divide into 3 levels:
  • 0-49 (Red): Slow. This is the lowest rate when your website does not focus on optimization which causes bad experiences to customers like: slow page loading, slow search engine optimization, product image or video cannot display, font load time,... 
  • 50-89 (Yellow): Medium. Your website has some errors that affect customers' experience, some part in your website is not completely optimized yet.  
  • 90-100 (Green): Fast. Your website is in good condition and ready to serve customers in the best environment, bringing good experience at highest optimization for users.

Performance report include:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): LCP measures how long it takes for the browser to render the largest piece of DOM content (image or text block) after a user navigates to your page.
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP): measures how long it takes for the browser to render the first piece of DOM content after a user navigates to your page. 
  • Speed Index: Speed index measures how long the content visually loads on page load.
  • Time to Interactive:  measures how long it takes for the page to become fully interactive.
  • Total Blocking Time: measures the time the page is blocked from responding to user inputs. Anything that executes above 50ms is considered a blocking task.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures the visual stability of your page.
  • Accessibility: This kind of report will help you check your website optimization accessibility. There are few elements you may have to improve like text size, contraction between colors,...and score for best optimization is 100.
  • Best practices: require an obligatory standard of a website. You need to reach 100 scores in this section. 
  • SEO Lighthouse: remember to complete website SEO optimization such as meta description using, put keyword on blog title, code simplization, using external link and internal link, put tags on the article,... 
  • Progressive App: This section was originally the core of Google Lighthouse – the analysis of Progressive Web Apps. It will help you see if the website registers a service worker or cck your running app is working proficiency offline, error may occur while using,...This audits were how Lighthouse began, and it considers predict notifications in order to turn Progressive App into standard require in the future.
2. How does it work and how does it affect your store? 

    Overall maximum score in each field will decide if a website has been well - optimize or not. According to a separate function that has been mentioned above, customers somewhat understand how Lighthouse works and support website builders. Google Lighthouse helps customers check overall performance of necessary areas to make sure your website is working properly. This can include a variety of fields: performance, access ability, progressive app, SEO optimization ability, web interactive,...and other fields additional. Moreover, Lighthouse would make recommendations for available apps that will help customers in running their business. The way Lighthouse estimates precisely optimization percentage shows us clearly what customers have to do to optimize their website. 

    Speed access does not seem a priority feature when customers mention buyer's attraction. Let’s put yourself in a customer's situation. When your Internet’s accessibility is slow from 1 - 5 minutes and sometimes you cannot run that website, how do you feel? You must be annoyed and just visit one page or leave right away as that web page cannot provide immediate information. This phenomenon can affect customers' access amount and bring bad experiences to them. As a result, this will increase Bounce Rate, decrease Time on page (time customers stay on your website), Page View (number of customers visit your website),...Yet, we can see the importance of Page Speed when optimizing your website as it directly impact on SEO, your website ranking on Google, Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing and of course, your potential guest and revenue.

    As you can see, the more score you can reach, the more well - optimized your website can run. If you can reach maximum scores on each section Lighthouse gives then congratulations, your website is staying in the best condition and bringing phenomenal experiences to customers, which means you have reached your goal!

    3. Speed access does not seem as priority as free or even premium Shopify theme have low speed point

    With Shopify users, people are familiar with using Shopify themes. Theme selection is important as it will decide whether your website is attractive enough or not. However, during theme customize progress, if the theme display is too slow or the customized page cannot load, they would feel sacrifice. Thus, it will impact customers' working profits. As Page Speed is not highly rated in website building progress, Shopify themes in reality have many low performance and low rates, even free or premium themes.

    Shopify free theme

    Dawn theme

  • Layout Hub with outstanding optimization 
  • Layout Hub is algorithm optimization output, and the mechanism of LayoutHub is also designed to be optimized, so the speed will be phenomenal. Customers can check the speed of the website to see if their website brings back a smooth experience to them.

    Layout Hub concentrate on 3 main functions:

    • Code optimization 
    • Server - Hosting
    • User browser LayoutHub optimization

    Layout Hub

    Along with optimization SEO tools, LayoutHub provides numerous templates and brilliant support in order to bring an exciting experience in every aspect.

    Apart from beautiful theme displays, unique products, impressive branding,.. web optimization is important as it is created to increase customer’s experience. Although page speed is not the top priority above other elements, it is considered to be essential for bringing better experience to users.

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