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In today's e-commerce world, competition and customer acquisition are often based on a customer's first impression of the brand they intend to use. The first impressions that impact customers are user experiences and this is why ensuring smooth UX / UI can become so essential in connecting with your audience and building your brand.

However, in reality, making UX / UI run smoothly and quickly is not easy. As store owners today are installing more and more third-party tools to enhance the user experience. However, a new problem occurs when adding new tools will slow down page loading speed, cause system conflicts, affect user experience a lot.

The problem is not simply the conflict between the Theme and the app but also the conflict between apps. 

Because of the above reasons and customers' goals are top priority, we are pleased to inform you that Growave is LayoutHub's next collaboration.We are constantly striving to develop products as well as partnering with other products to bring the best, fastest and most economical experiences to our users.

Growave is a multi-functional, all-in-one marketing platform. It allows you to engage your customers through different means: improving customer loyalty, collecting reviews, increasing social traffic (if available), earning points loyal customers, wishlist, etc.

 In simple words, Growave is a Shopify app that combines several features under one dashboard. It is designed for Shopify merchants that are looking for an affordable solution for their store. Currently, Growave is the only application on the Shopify App store with reviews, loyalty and UGC in a single app. You do not have to download any additional apps, and all features are integrated into one admin panel and seamlessly work together.

 In essence, Growave helps Shopify merchants grow a loyal customer base, increase conversions and improve customer engagement. All their features work in tandem to provide a better customer experience on your website. 

 And with this new collaboration, the features have become fully compatible with all layouts and templates available in LayoutHub, meaning you don't need to integrate the app manually the way you need it before. For one thing, the process is completely automated. You just need to install the app and set up some related basic info.

In addition, we have made positive adjustments to a number of layouts, templates in terms of layout and structure to suit the requirements of each type and to help the features and interfaces to combine in a way. smoothness to enhance the customer experience to the highest possible level.

Rest assured, with the above utilities from Growave and what's available at LayoutHub, all have been optimized to the best and of course the page load speed is maintained at a high speed compared to the general ground. Now you can choose any template, or layout, that suits your store to enhance your user experience. With a high guarantee that the interface is always smooth, lively and attractive to the user.


What are the features?

 Social Login

You can expand your email list and customer base with this simple feature. It allows you to sign up and log in to your Shopify store with a single click. Allow your customers to conveniently log in with their Google, Yahoo, Amazon, or Facebook accounts. It even enrolls your shoppers in your loyalty program, if you have one, so they don't have to sign up for it separately.  You can collect information about your customers, such as their birthdays, contact information, and items in their cart for future transactions.

 Loyalty and Rewards


With Growave, you can create a stand-out loyalty and rewards program for your Shopify store. Loyalty and rewards programs can help you strengthen relationships with your customers and increase repeat sales. Growave’s loyalty program includes points on purchases, VIP tiers, free products, referral programs, discount offers, and shipping offers. However, you will have to opt-in for a starter plan or higher to use loyalty and rewards features.



You can increase conversions by displaying social proof on your website. The reviews feature on Growave is designed for Shopify merchants who want to influence their customers' purchasing decisions. You can easily import reviews from other apps or reviews sites such as Yelp, Amazon, or Trustpilot to showcase them on your website. This top-rated Shopify reviews app will help you create more conversion-optimized content by gathering photo and product reviews. The free plan includes the reviews feature.

 Wishlist app


Through this simple feature, you can convert your customer's intention into profits. Growave's Wishlist feature helps customers save favorite products for future purchases by adding them to their Wishlist. You can also build a dedicated dashboard and share it with your friends, which is particularly helpful during the holiday season. You can send targeted emails to maximize revenue and reduce cart abandonment by using Wishlist reminder emails. You can enjoy your Wishlist feature starting from a free plan.



With an Instagram shopping feed, you can transform your website into a stunning sellable gallery. You can create a shoppable Instagram feed by pulling photos from a hashtag, branding the product in your backend dashboard, and encouraging users to shop the look by tapping on the product, adding it to their list, and then buying it. A Starter plan allows you to use Instagram galleries.


What user reviews about growave?


As of April 13, 2021, Growave had 1320 reviews from customers from all over the world. Most of them have a 5-star rating (1288 votes). Thus, it can be seen that the service Growave gives you is extremely wonderful and attractive.

(Shopify App Store)

Growave is an excellent app, but it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at what they are:



  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent customer support team
  • A generous free plan with essential features
  • Feature-rich functionality with unlimited usage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy migration from other apps
  • Flexible loyalty and rewards programs
  • All widgets can be customized to match the brand colors



  • The free plan has limited capabilities and doesn’t offer a loyalty program
  • Growave is on the pricey side for price-sensitive consumers
  • Has fewer integrations with other platforms
  • The analytics dashboard is not as advanced yet


Our Verdict

 Growave is a fantastic app if you want a platform with many features that can replace 4-5 separate applications in your store. The only drawback is that switching from other applications can be difficult, but their customer service can assist you and make the transition simple. This app will seem costly, but it is a wise investment if you want to grow your business and build a loyal customer base.


Start using Growave today by click to THIS LINK, you will get extended 14-day free trial.….Let’s boost your sale today with LayoutHub and Growave.

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