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Have you ever had trouble with finding the right theme, preparing the content,...while creating a website on Shopify? Some customers using Shopify claim that during the setup process, they are quite struggling to create a website because there are so many options and tasks to choose from. Let’s point out some problems that customer may have when config a theme:

  • Do not know choosing the right theme for their product
  • Difficult in editing header, footer, fonts, sidebars, color, media…
  • Confuse in choosing element to edit
  • Do not understand all function of each elements in theme setting
  • Customer homepage is broken

Others said that they have trouble with creating separate components in Shopify as they cannot change the theme into the design that they want. Theme’s sections are limited and customers can only use a demo version developed by theme author or mix section to create the layout that they want. There are some few things you can customize on your store, and it depends on the template you are using. So the theme will be suitable for customers who do not want to change template design and follow what the author provides. 

default theme in Shopify

Theme selection seems to be one of the most important elements as it presents for company style and attracts customers at first impression to the brand. Hence, shop owners have to choose templates carefully and customise it in detail based on their product. Besides, choosing an appropriate template can also help the shop owner be thoughtful in preparing content. As they look at the design that they prefer, it is easier to add text and customise each layout due to their need.

Understanding limitations when using Shopify themes that cannot change layout flexibly, which make the customer feel disoriented and in the case of buying a low quality theme and low support, customers will get through bad experiences and feel exhausted, affecting their working profit, we would like to recommend LayoutHub - popular plugin support for building themes for websites with the goal to enhance users experience. 

So where should we begin? This article will show some perks of having LayoutHub when creating E-commerce and complete a guide to have a proper website. 

LayoutHub homepage

How LayoutHub config the store


Easy approach with an intuitive layout similar to Shopify: Instead of using a predetermined theme, you have full control all over your design. You can customize every page on your design: header, footer, blog layout, even E-commerce pages. Each layout allows you to have complete control. LayoutHub provides simple various templates that allow customers to choose their favourite layout and customize so we can easily pick up theme stores. LayoutHub concentrates on the main function of a Page Builder that is to create a particular layout of a page.

create page

 If a customer wants to set up the store, just go to the library, select the layout that they want and change it. Then you can turn on or turn off the footer. The theme option in Layout Hubs is more flexible as it can change immediately when customized layout, and it won’t take time to reload the page and view website.  

View website

LayoutHub does not allow customers to design layout themselves but allow them to configure and edit everything easily. LayoutHub guarantees using design by Designer Expert that optimized each template for the customer store to have a high conversion rate. Although LayoutHub does not allow customers to customize the default layout themselves as other Page Builders, it allows them to edit almost every config quite easily. For example, just click into the text and edit text sidebars will be displayed.

Text display

Customers can save the layout they want or simply duplicate them without having to reconfigure the Shopify theme. 

Variable option in editing devices: desktop, mobile phone, tablet…

Editing devices

Concentrate on a specific function of a website (product, collection, blog,..) and provide various templates rather than using Shopify.

Variable template in library

Theme is limited to 1 site as if the shop owner wants to change it, they have to buy another theme and reconfigure it. In LayoutHub, shop owners just need to download it from the library and be able to continue using it at no extra cost. LayoutHub provides different sections designed by professional website builders who create separate layouts due to customer needs. 

LayoutHub is suitable for both landing pages and basic stores. It also  provides different campaigns suitable for specific events: Black Friday, Christmas, New Year,...

Event layout

What users review about Layouthub?

Immediate response is willing to help customers with template customization, solve their problem thoughtful and fast. While the theme takes time to get support, Layout Hubs can have support for 24/7 hours and are willing to help customers to customize their design if it is simple. In case a customer's request is too complicated, they will be asked for payment. This helps customers receive immediate support and does not affect their work. That’s the reason why Layout Hubs get 4.9/5.00 stars.

Support team always online ready to help customers solve problems and help them customize stores to have a proper design - increase conversion and improve customer engagement.

LayoutHub reviews


LayoutHub is a tremendous app for both beginner and professional website builders. In addition, LayoutHub provides different templates for users at an affordable price. With just 15$ - 60$, customers get a fantastic app to choose a section, create and edit website layout, edit content and customize store themes. As a result, customers are supposed to think that the LayoutHub price is cheaper and brings more benefits rather than just using the default theme in Shopify.  

Start your business right away with LayoutHub by clicking into THIS LINK, you will have 14 days free - trial with diversity layout form to experience and decide which template is suitable with your product. 


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