I’ve known Ryviu for quite some time, in fact ever since 2016 when they released the first version of Ryviu. Over the following few years, Ryviu’s development went quite quickly and was really incredible. I had a meeting with Mr.Nam – the founder of Ryviu and learned a lot from him. By 2019, Ryviu which was already in the Shopify app store, had received a lot of positive feedback from customers with 73 reviews and an average review score of 4.8. The Ryviu team is very friendly, professional and very serious about their project. I have seen them making lots of improvements to make Ryviu better day by day and so far, I think Ryviu is really perfect not to mention its affordable price.

Ryviu Homepage

Let me tell you a bit about Ryviu and you will see for yourself how great it is. Ryviu is customer product reviews platform for building social proof for stores that is as easy & fast. It helps increase your conversion & your sales.

How Ryviu works

If you have a Shopify or a WooCommerce store, you can use Ryviu to:

  • Export reviews from AliExpress & Amazon: You don’t have to export CSV, just one click and reviews from AliExpress & Amazon will show on your  store.
  • Export and import reviews ‘from apps to app’: Export customer reviews from other apps and import them to your store. It allows you to export to CSV files then import them to another site, and vice versa.
  • SEO-friendly review scores: Add review scores to your Google search results.
  • Multiple styles & custom style: You can edit themes & customize the page within the advanced settings.
  • Reply to customer reviews: You can respond to your clients’ reviews. They need to know that you care.
  • Show useful ratings: For each customer, they can vote helpful or not. (Like or dislike button).
  • Get detailed statistics: Ryviu provides a detailed statistics system. Allows you to view the status of reviews.
  • Social Authentication & Email verify feature: With review form, you can configure in admin settings to require authentication by email or login by social authentication.
  • Show Featured Reviews: Display reviews to a special page.
  • Show Questions & Answers: Your customers ask, you answer, or you can frequently add your own questions and answers to save time.

You can start using the Ryviu widget even with a Free membership. Please see features in detail on their demo site https://ryviu-app.myshopify.com/.

You can also use live chat to get help from Ryviu’s customer support team. They are always very friendly and extremely helpful, and they will help you solve your problem in one note.

And finally, our team is pleased to announce that you are now able to use the Ryviu application on LayoutHub’s layout.

To start using Ryviu, simply install Ryviu from the Shopify app store by

1- Clicking the button below.

2- Follow this article (See method 2): https://docs.ryviu.com/en/articles/1057949-how-to-install-ryviu-app-on-your-shopify-store

3- Then just turn on the Ryviu app from LayoutHub and everything is ready.

Ryviu app

Let’s see the result below

Ryviu app result

Thank you very much and hope you and your family stay safe during this difficult and challenging time. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us, the LayoutHub team will always help you as soon as possible.