Top 10 Must Have Shopify Apps

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During website building progress, every customer must be looking for optimization tools with the aim to reach a high conversion rate. Understanding customer requirements, Shopify provides thousands of apps to help customers manage products, get customer data, customize themes, create marketing automations, customers can build and optimize their website in the most proper way. There is a roundup of the must-have Shopify app for E-commerce.

Everything on this list brings a more interesting experience for the customer, not only great support but also appropriate price. In order to help you save time and money on searching for various tools on Shopify, we have summarized the top 10 apps that present for each function in your website building journey. 

We hope this article will appropriate your demand about Shopify apps available and guarantee these apps sacrifice your purpose in:

  • Finest support                     
  • Reasonable price
  • Effortless approach
  • Easy to use layout.                                                                         
1. Loox - Product ReviewLoox

    What makes Loox special?

    If you were a customer and had two options for shopping online, one store advertised their product widely on social media, the others advertised by review method,  which means collect and choose reality pictures or videos from customer review, then which store would you choose to buy the product? We supposed you will pick the second store as it shows a particular customer experience with that product. 

    From picture or video review collections, buyers tend to trust others' feelings about that product. For example, sad or happy or even disappointed emotion thought with that product. For that reason, Loox is created to automatically collect customer reviews with photos & videos and display happy customer content by verifying those reviews. This will help business owners raise brand awareness and improve conversion rates.


    • Available in English, French (Avis) & 15 other languages
    • World-class customer support 24/7
    • Import reviews from any source. 1-Click AliExpress reviews importer. Built in imports all other review apps.
    • Customization & branding - Define email timing, review form questions, widget colors, looks, font, size & position
    • Moderation - You decide which product reviews get published
    • Reply to reviews - Add a public response to published customer reviews
    • Textual product reviews - Submit a review without a photo or video, with the option to add one later
    • Inline SEO - Display product reviews & ratings on search results with Rich Snippets
    • Google Shopping - Display ratings, reviews & photos
    • FB pixel - Custom & look-alike audiences of happy customers
    • Happy Customers page - Show off all your product reviews in one place
    • GDPR Compliant


    Loox provides 14 days free - trial for users. From Beginner to Unlimited ($9.99 - $599.99). This is a reasonable price for those who want to start trying an interesting data collect system with an easy approach layout.

    App review

    As customer reviews on app rate, Loox is a tremendous app support for Shopify. By using this app, every business can sell their product easily with the power of customer review & social proof effect. As a result, Loox is a partner & agency friendly review app for everyone who wants to have exciting moments.

    2. SEO - Image Optimizer, ALT, Meta Tags, Sitemap, Page speed up

    Special features of SEO - Image Optimizer

    image optimizer

    In order to bring a sacrificial feeling to customer experience, every business has to optimize their website by using some app or tools. By optimizing image ALT, JSON - LD, Sitemap automatically for almost pages, your websites will meet Google Search best practices environment. Moreover, pre - load pages and optimize image sizes to bring more customer experience become interesting as faster page loading is the main goal to reach. Using SEO can also save your time and effort on optimizing your store. Just install this app and let everything run automatically.


    • Optimize Image ALT tag: ALT tags can be added automatically to every image on 3 pages: product page, collection page, and blog post.

    • Image optimization: Optimize images (image optimizer SEO, image optimizer online image compression, SEO images, SEO image) to boost loading speed) compress images size and keep its quality unchanged. Optimize images which store in Shopify Pages, PageFly, Shogun, Layouthub, Gempages

    • Google structured data: Important page structured data (Google snippets, json+ld): Product page, Collection page, Blog listing page, Single Blog, Business, review, item list structured data. Also works Product Reviews,, Ali Reviews, Loox, Fera, Stamped, Rivyo, Klaviyo

    • Meta tags & rules: Automatically optimize meta title and description for 4 pages: Product, Collection, Blog listing, Single Blog page. Also works with Landing Page Builder. Meta tags and rules are for SEO content, bulk edit SEO, meta tags SEO, fixing meta titles

    • Site verification: Verify your website authority with Google Search Console, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex Webmaster Tools, Baidu, Alexa, Norton Safe Web.

    • Social Meta: Add social meta to show previews of your page on social channels

    • Redirect 404 pages: Allow redirecting 404 pages (404 not found, 404 broken links) to a specific URL

    • HTML sitemap: HTML sitemap for sitemap generator, sitemap xml generator, sitemap checker, sitemap in SEO, html sitemap.

    • List all sub-pages so that visitors can easily navigate your website: Instant page loading, preload any page to speed up your website loading instantly
    • SEO Analysis: Detailed SEO analysis on your product pages with problem report and improvement solutions


    For the Free version, customers will have Image optimization for 50 products/month, while in Pro version ($29/month) they will have unlimited products and a few more customization options. This price is reasonable for those who want to try out this product with a full setting option.


    Try this app right away to complete your business. As we have statistics in the review system, this is one of the Best Apps on the Shopify platform. Everything from customer service to app functionality, it can help your work more easily and optimize store's lackings. Recently, the overall rating of this app is 4.9/5 stars. 

    3. AVADA WhatsApp Email MarketingEmail Marketing

    AVADA Marketing Automation is a simple and user-friendly app that can help non-tech users easily send emails to engage and convert customers. Even if you don’t know anything about where to start, or how to boost up your campaign properly, this article will guide you in detail in Avada in order to collect more customer’s emails, creating a profitable campaign that will attract customers. Now let’s get started.

    What is special about AVADA Whatsapp Email Marketing?

    • AVADA gives you complete experience with professional consultants who are willing to help you custom manager, pre - built e-mail/SMS workflow, and even campaign consultations that meet individual demand.
    • Customer support guarantee: Customer contact promptly to support service when they entered the website. As support teams are available 24/7 hours, understanding customer feeling is extremely important, Avada online presence immediately to solve customer problems until it is completely done. With enthusiastic and friendly staff, Avada brings a comfortable and satisfied feeling to all kinds of customers, even the hardest as the help center has browsed all categories for certain situations like: Your Account, Automation, App Integrations,...All of the customer concern can be clear up in or customer can ask for help directly by support chatting.
    • Customers can ask for a full guide and get detailed information about the product they are using and a huge resource from Avada to create successful E-commerce. 
    • High security: guarantee data safety with complete system protection 
    • Free set up and migration
    • Widen eCommerce access: Avada created an Avada users community in order to help customers all over the world exchange knowledge or share useful information that supports business. 
    • With just a few simple steps following up each part provided by Avada, customers can create / customize Email form, manage customers,...and control websites efficiently. 


    • Automation Email Campaigns for Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Products, Welcome Emails, Order Confirmation, Cross-sell, upsell and more.
    • Grow email list to reach more potential customers
    • Newsletter Emails Campaigns with premade templates
    • Advanced Segmentation
    • Sign up Forms (Newsletter popup, Spin to Win)
    • SMS
    • Whatsapp 
    • Push notification
    • Provide various Email templates option 
    • Customize template form

    Price: Request demo/ from 9$ (pro) and 49$ (advanced)

    Avada has different pricing plans for specific needs from 9$ for Pro Plan and 49$ for Advanced. Besides, customers can also request a demo version from the support system or use a free - trial for 14 days in order to get an interesting experience and get familiar with Avada's settings.

    Install AVADA and have free - trial right away: 

    Customer service review

    In addition to providing quality products, Avada aims to bring thoughtful service to every customer. As a result, Avada gets support rated 5.00 stars and builds trust among customers. With just a few easy simple steps, customers can use AVADA in order to increase store quality with a high conversion rate. Remember to visit other apps from AVADA to get extraordinary experience and join AVADA community to get beneficial information for your business.

    4. LayoutHub - Page BuilderLayoutHub

    Theme selection seems to be one of the most important elements as it presents for company style and attracts customers at first impression to the brand. Hence, shop owners have to choose templates carefully and customise it in detail based on their product. Besides, choosing an appropriate template can also help the shop owner be thoughtful in preparing content. As they look at the design that they prefer, it is easier to add text and customise each layout due to their need.

    What makes LayoutHub special? 

    Understanding limitations when using Shopify themes that cannot change layout flexibly, which make the customer feel disoriented and in the case of buying a low quality theme and low support, customers will get through bad experiences and feel exhausted, affecting their working profit, we would like to recommend LayoutHub - popular plugin support for building themes for websites with the goal to enhance users experience.


  • Customize : Instead of using a predetermined theme, you have full control all over your design. You can customize every page on your design: header, footer, blog layout, even E-commerce pages. Each layout allows you to have complete control and provides simple various templates that allow customers to choose their favourite layout and customize so we can easily pick up theme stores. LayoutHub concentrates on the main function of a Page Builder that is to create a particular layout of a page.
    • Variable in template library: In LayoutHub, shop owners just need to download it from the library and be able to continue using it at no extra cost. LayoutHub is suitable for both landing pages and basic stores. It also provides different campaigns suitable for specific events: Black Friday, Christmas, New Year,...

    Prices: With just 15$ - 60$, customers get a fantastic app to choose a section, create and edit website layout, edit content and customize store themes. Start your business right away with LayoutHub by clicking into THIS LINK, you will have 14 days free - trial with diversity layout form to experience and decide which template is suitable with your product.

    What users review about LayoutHub?

    Immediate response is willing to help customers with template customization, solve their problem thoughtful and fast. While the theme takes time to get support, LayoutHub can have support for 24/7 hours and are willing to help customers to customize their design if it is simple. In case a customer's request is too complicated, they will be asked for payment. This helps customers receive immediate support and does not affect their work. That’s the reason why Layout Hubs get 4.9/5.00 stars.

    5. Growave - Loyalty, wishlistGrowave

    Special features

    Instead of using several apps to control your store, why not try Growave to manage different components in your business such as: Rewards, Reviews, Wishlist, Instagram, Social Login. Growave can build a loyal customer community by using different for specific elements to complete your store with the help of Rewards & loyalty app Generate UGC and showcase social proof with the help of Reviews and Shoppable Instagram galleries. 


    • Reviews: Growave will help you collect customer reviews on purchased products and showcase them over your store. It also increases traffic to your store by optimized reviews to show in Google searches and Google Shopping. Having strong social proof is one of the most important ways to build trust in your visitors.

    • Wishlist: Sending automated reminders for customers whose products still stay in Abandoned Cart. Hence, this way would bring back potential guests and increase product sales. Plus, buyers can add a wishlist button on product pages and wishlist icons on collections.
    • Log in: Collect customer information. Signing in customers by 1 click.
    • Instagram: This is one of the most popular social media to sell products online, so it is considered to be the most powerful tool to showcase the brand. Buyers can showcase UGC within their store to increase brand awareness. 


    From $19/month to get a full setting option. Just click into Growave website, then Install Growave, customers will have 14 days for free - trial version available. 

    App reviews

    App is rated 4.9/5 stars. Almost every customer claims that this app is easy to use for its wonderful features. Customer service is friendly and responsive. Try it right now and you will definitely sacrifice this product.

    6. Frequently Bought Together - Cross Sell and Up Sell

    frequently bought together

    Special features 

    As smart recommendations are displayed as product bundles on your product page, customers are likely to buy more items, boosting revenue. Have the right to choose the number of recommendations, widget location, display position from the beginning. With Frequently Bought Together, customers can buy related products easily with one click, and this will increase the order value and revenue.


    • Fully customizable user layout: buyers can change color, size, product position in the product pages
    • Show ratings and reviews
    • Automatic recommendation: using AI Analyse previous purchase in store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart
    • Show random products when there is not enough data for automatic recommendations. They can be filtered by collection, product type or product vendor to display similar products
    • An automatic discount can be also applied to the bundles, either globally or individually, effectively using the app as a discount upselling widget. The types of discounts available are Percentage discount, Fixed Amount, Cheapest Item for Free and Free Shipping

    Price: Free plan available in 30 days. Cost $9.99/month for Professional Plan.


    Frequently Bought Together is a good product with highly customizable features. This app would be recommended as a great pick up from the Shopify App Store.

    7. Product Filter & Search - Search and Filterproduct filter and search


    Manage two important functions in website building progress: Product Filter and Search Tool. With this tool, customers can have control over all collections and search engines. Whenever finding a new product, customers can type specific features of that product and it will show up results or even appear related products. This would make customers feel comfortable and pleasant with fast product filters and finding other products without taking time searching.


    • Manage two important functions in website building progress: Product Filter and Search Tool. Product Filter and Search navigate quickly right into product pages, provide full product setting option, help shoppers find exactly what they want by using smart full text search, smart autosuggest, dictionary, smart type. As a result, optimizing search and filter engines will upscale your sales rate. 
    • Understand shopper’s behaviour with Analytics of collection filter & search: Understand shoppers' uses of filter & search with 365-day data
    • This app allows buyers to have control of Filter and Search include:
    • Multi - select filters
    • Merged value to filters easier
    • Diverse types of filter options: Box, Swatches, etc
    • Filter for availability
    • Different filter menus for each collections
    • Using intelligent Search Tool in: Spellcheck, Synonyms, Auto Suggest, Auto Suggest, Stop Words, Product Ranking


    From $19/month. Try 14 days free - version in THIS LINK. Additional changes may apply.


    Patient, helpful and knowledgeable service staff are willing to help customers whenever they need. App rated is 4.8/5 stars with 1000 feedback for five stars recently.

    8. PushOwl Web Push Notificationspushowl


    By using web push, you can collect store visitors as subscribers with just one click, requiring no personal information like an email address or phone number. Send web push notifications about your products and offers directly to your subscribers' device screens, turn them into customers, and drive more sales. This is the perfect marketing channel during Black Friday (BFCM), capturing and marketing to anonymous shoppers instantly.


    • Recover abandoned carts without needing a customer email - Automation recovery reminder
    • Retarget store visitors and convert them easily
    • Target complex subscriber segment and increase CTR
    • Integrate with other apps: Loox, Growave, Stamped, Fly,...
    • Personalize buyers business with advanced feature: Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Smart Delivery, Flash Sale, Automations


    Completely Free


    Customer support team is always around to help customers understand web push, solve problems, provide free migration support from Firepush, Aimtell, etc, show how to use the app, and share best practice along with demo versions for customers to look through before trying out the product. This app has 5 stars for overall rating and gets positive feedback.

    9. Tiny IMG SEO & Image Optimize Store Tiny


    What will happen if you have high quality images or gorgeous themes that get initial attention but they are not optimized properly? Definitely this will impact your page load time (site speed) and harm your marketing efforts. In addition, slow loading websites lead to higher bounce rates, reduce conversion rate and low ranking in search engines. This is the reason Shopify app list must have Tiny IMG SEO - intelligent app transform page loading time by compressing images without reducing their quality. As a result, this app is created to speed up your business website.


    • Auto - optimization:  customer can select Image Optimizer that run automatically with high - quality image uploaded in their store
    • SEO & page speed store audit
    • SEO Metadata optimization
    • Broken link detection and redirect


    Free plan available. 

    Additional charges may apply due to your need

    • 24 months: $0.99/month
    • Special offer: $9.99/month
    • Monthly: $4.99/month


    Overall rating of this app is 4.9/5 stars.

    10. ReConvert Upsell & Cross SellUpsell and Cross sell


    After purchasing a product, which things are essential to create an impression on customers? This can be answered by a discount code for the next time, thank you page,..Having a thank you page with an impressive theme is the best way to show respect and gratitude for choosing a business product.  By optimizing your thank you page & adding upsells or cross sell, you will re-engage customers who just completed a purchase with your store, & catch them when they are most likely to buy or to comply with other requests. ReConvert can boost after sale opportunities become better!


    • ReConvert is a simple yet powerful post purchase funnel and one click upsell app. It allows customers to customize a thank you page fully and easily with a drag and drop layout.
    • This app integrates with some of the most powerful apps on the platform to create perfect converting thank you pages and recharge customers, make sure customers have full control on: 
    • Choose templates or create template from scratch
    • Full analytics for thank you page and each widget


    Customers have 30 days for Free - Trial Version. In order to get more interesting pages, customer need to pay: 

    • Pro thank you page: $7.99/month
    • MVP thank you page: $14.99/month
    • VIP thank you page: $29.99/month


    Overall rating of this app is 5 stars with over 2000 good feedback recently.

    Shopify has provided thousands of useful apps to support user’s business. However, customers can pick out 10 listed apps above for their online store to optimize web pages. Every business should have website optimization tools as it improves website quality so business can attract customers and increase revenue.

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    More than 8,000 customers trust LayoutHub!

    After a year of release, LayoutHub has more than 8000 regular users and is the 2nd page builder app on Shopify App. Our mission is to help all our clients succeed, which is our drive to make LayoutHub better every day.